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Moocall are offering customers FREE HARDWARE if they place a deposit on their Moocall HEAT sensor for a Limited time only.

Our projections show that Moocall HEAT sensors will be flying out of Moocall HQ faster than you can say "ring the AI man!" come breeding season.

That's why we're encouraging you to guarantee you have the best heat detection system on the market in time for breeding season, by placing a £225 deposit before the end of February.

Call us on 0203 627 4291 to learn more from our dedicated sales team.

HERE'S THE BEST PART: We're also throwing in EITHER of the following Moocall products to sweeten the deal:

Moocall Calving Sensor

Notifies you before calving starts!
Value: £239
moocall calving sensor

Moocall RFID Box x2

2 Boxes of 25 tags to use with your Moocall HEAT system
Value £140
Moocall RFID Tags
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