Moocall HEAT

A heat detection system that embraces a bulls natural instincts

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Measuring tail contractions to accurately predict calving

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The Moocall product family

We are committed to creating products that make your farm more efficient and your life less stressful.

This is a tail mounted, non-invasive sensor that monitors contractions in cows and heifers and alerts you approximately one hour before active calving. More than 15000 farms currently use and love this product worldwide.

Attend more calvings, and ensure more live births.


A herd and breeding management mobile application that is free for anyone to use. Easily record heats and repeats, capture due dates and track your animals. Manage your herd and increase your operational efficiency in one place, and at no cost.

Free for anyone to install and use, even if not using our sensors.

Moocall HEAT

 A collar and eartag system to detect heats in cows and heifers. The collar is worn by a bull or a vasectomised / teaser bull, it uses proximity, activity and mounting behaviour to know which cow or heifer is in her standing heat. 

Detect heats, repeats, due dates and more.

Moocall HEAT

A heat detection system that harnesses the natural instinct of a bull

Moocall HEAT

A collar and ear tag system that harnesses the natural instinct of the bull

Moocall HEAT
  • For Beef or Dairy Herds

    Moocall HEAT will work perfectly for either a beef or a dairy setup. All that is required is either a stock bull, or a vasectomised / teaser bull. 

  • RFID Eartags

    Tag each cow or heifer in your herd with the Moocall Eartag, this will enable the collar to read every tag and send you accurate information. 

  • 8 Weeks of Battery

    The Moocall HEAT sensor features the latest in battery technology, this means you will enjoy a minimum of 8 weeks usage in the field before needing to recharge it. 

  • Fully integrated with BREEDMANAGER

    Moocall HEAT is fully integrated with our Free herd management mobile app. This means that cows or heifers in heat will automatically appear in your app. Breedmanager will also track repeats and due dates. 

Moocall HEAT

Moocall HEAT is a collar and eartag system that accurately detects standing heat in cows and heifers. The collar is worn by a bull (stock or teaser/vasectomised) and eartags are worn by the rest of the herd. The collar reads proximity, activity and mounting behaviour to accurately alert to standing heat. 

It tells you the exact time of standing heat. 

Whether a cow or heifer repeats.

Due dates and when you can assume they are in-calf.

Bull health (mobility, health and fertility).

Cow fertility over time. 

Testimonial - full time dairy farmer

Victor is a full time dairyman and has 90 Holstein Friesian cows and 40 replacement heifers. He used 3 Moocall HEAT collars this summer. Listen to what he thinks.

Moocall CALVING SENSOR Overview

Learn why over 15000 farms use the calving sensor to reduce labour and increase their bottom line.


The Moocall CALVING SENSOR measures tail contractions to accurately predict when a cow or a heifer will give birth. Today, over 15000 farms around the world use this technology to make their operations more efficient and profitable. 

Now with non-slip rubber

The Moocall CALVING SENSOR now comes with a new red non-slip rubber attachment. This new design innovation means that the sensor can be worn loose on the tail (loose enough that you can easily slide it up the tail) but it will not slip down. 

No need to ratchet it closed, just pull the strap through hand tight and you are good to go. 

More comfortable for the cow, easier to attach and better results. 


1 hour advance warning of late labour

Moocall Calving Sensor
  • For dairy or beef farms

    The calving sensor works indoors or outdoors, on any breed of cow or heifer. Thousands of happy customers all over the world rely on the Moocall calving sensor to help at calving season. 

  • Works anywhere in the world

    We use mobile phone technology to ensure that this device will always alert you regardless of the location of the sensor relative to you. 

  • 4-6 weeks battery life

    We optimise power consumption to ensure that you get a minimum of 4 weeks battery life from your calving sensor. Often 6 weeks or more will be achieved. 

  • Connects to two phones

    When you set up your calving sensor, you can connect it to two phones for SMS alerts. We also send app notifications and email alerts. 

Testimonial - Full time beef breeder

Tommy is a full time farmer, breeding commercial cows as well as pedigree belgian blues. He uses multiple calving sensors and has been using them since early 2015. 

Testimonial - Part time pedigree breeder

Ollie is a part time beef breeder, he has a small herd of Pedigree Blonde d'Aquitaine cows. He has been using his calving sensor for a number of years. 

Testimonial - Full time dairy farmer

Sam is a full time dairy farmer calving about 220 Holstein Friesian cows. He has been using the Moocall CALVING SENSOR for a few years. Listen to what he thinks in this video, he has had over 500 calves born using Moocall calving sensors to date!

Thanks Moocall. Last calf of year calved and Moocall was 100% accurate this season. Had an issue with the device and the customer care I got was the best I have ever seen. Great device, great support staff!

Works spot on if attached properly. Gives u piece of mind going to bed. Fantastic after sales service and if contacted will get a reply within 10 minutes even on Sundays. This is my second year using it and will continue using in the future. I save the subscription fee specially in diesel alone as I live 12 miles from my sheds

I can actually sleep all night and not worry about the cows. Just wait until I get the first text usually after the second text cow has calved and calf is trying to nurse. Would recommend to anyone.

Began using moocall mid February 2017 . Have had 4 calves born using this device. First two was from heifers which needed help in delivery. Paid for itself in a short time. Never have we worked with a company that tries any harder to see that the customer is getting all it's questions answered . When you receive texts and phone calls wanting to know how you are getting along that's service. Just another day in paradise in the U.S.

Learn how BREEDMANAGER works

Watch this 5 minute 'how to' app video walkthrough.


Breedmanager by Moocall is a complementary mobile app. Free for anyone to use, regardless of whether you use our hardware products. It is a user friendly herd management app. 

✔️ Easily record heats & repeats

✔️ Monitor due dates and calvings

✔️ Free for anyone to install. 

How it works

Moocall BREEDMANAGER makes it really easy to record herd data. Instead of showing you all your animals at any given time, we break them down into Smart Lists.

This means that we only show you the cows that you are interested in at any given moment, such as cows that are due to calve in the next 7 days, or cows due to repeat this week. 

Our quick swipe technology, also makes it really easy for you to add events and data to our app.